Airport Angels

Our Services

Our Services

Airport Terminal Service

Private Jet Service

VIP Centre Service

Concierge Service

  • Assistance at your check-in
  • Assistance through the airport in the fastest and most convenient way possible
  • Assistance at your gate
  • Personal shopper
  • Personal assistance catching connecting flights
  • Coordination of your special charter / adhoc flight
  • Supervision of your special charter / adhoc flight
  • Assistance in case of any issue or problem at check-in, gate or wherever in between
  • Guidance booking meeting rooms, lounge access and private receptions at your airport

Our years of experience made it possible to create a network of Airport Angels covering almost every country in Europe especially for you. Check our coverage under LOCATIONS now and find out more about our network.

Are you in need of worldwide assistance? No problem at all!  Our team of Angels will look and find the perfect angel you need. Send us your request and we will start searching for you immediately .

Airport Angels are not only useful for large groups. If you are travelling with a private jet an Airport Angel can always assist and accompany you through the unknown airport. You have a request or any other question? Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US we will help you out our greatest Airport Angels’ smile.